Founded in June 2020, Rhodium Program Management, LLC (RPM) is a specialty insurance program and alternative risk-captive management company. We focus on lower to mid-market companies, often overlooked due to misconceptions about premium volume requirements. With the right technology and structures, companies generating $200,000 or more in premiums are valuable and worth our analysis.

We utilize various structures like “Protected Cells,” Association or Group captives, and Risk Retention Groups to capture a significant portion of this market. We also emphasize the creative use of reinsurance and real-time data management to offer invaluable insights and services to our clients.

In August 2023, RPM became affiliated with Vertical Insight Corp., creating a dynamic partnership with strong complementary resources. Led by Peter H. Foley, who has over forty years of captive experience, RPM combines technology and business expertise to address all business disciplines efficiently.

The U.S. Property Casualty Insurance market sees over 40% in alternative risk, a trend that continues to grow, especially in the “hardening” markets of transportation, property, and other coverage lines. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for alternatives to traditional carriers.

At Rhodium Program Management, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to meet our clients’ needs and help them navigate the complexities of the insurance market.